Tour of Boris Stavrovsky's private art collection

Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fund invited its friends to visit one of the most intriguing collections of Russian Art in New York City.  Upon entering a small Upper East Side apartment visitors are enchanted by the richness and significance of the works crowding every inch of the space: famous portraits of Russian poets and singers, creations of Alexandre Benois for Diaghilev’s Ballet Russe, and works by Altman, Yakovlev, and Anisfeld. One of the works is significant for the Joseph Brodsky's legacy and we are sure you will recognize it immediately.

Boris Stavrovsky, a private collector and art aficionado, will take you around and a small group of like-minded people around his prized collection. He will talk about the art and his passion for collecting.

Works in the collection have been exhibited in museums around the world including the Met, MOMA and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, but for the most part are not available for private viewing.

After viewing the collection, Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fund's friends were invited to return to the private party room and join Boris and other Friends of the Joseph Brodsky Fellowship Fund for discussion, champagne, and snacks.