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Semyon Faibisovich
Artist, Fall 2002


Semyon Faibisovich was born in 1949 in Moscow, and studied at the Moscow College of Architecture in 1966-72. His work was first exhibited covertly in 1976 and, after 1987, more widely outside the Soviet Union. He was described by the jury as "one of the few photorealist painters working in Moscow. His works combine astute social criticism with a subtle and sophisticated visual poetry. The influence of the artist's architectural education can be readily felt in his meticulously conceived paintings and series, whichoften subject a disquieting urban landscape to the gentle irony of a wise observer of Russian society." He has received solo exhibitions at the Andrei Sakharov Museum, XL Gallery , Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Regina Gallery, and Yakut Gallery in Moscow; Phyllis Kind Gallery in New York; and Galerie Inge Baecker in Cologne. He has been in group exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum, Bern, the International Art Fair, Chicago, Columbus Museum of Art, Institute of Contemporary Art, New York, and the Pushkin Museum, among many others. Since 1995, Faibisovich's work has been executed in primarily in photography and installations. Semyon Faibisovich lives and works in Tel Aviv.