Every year JBMFF grants two fellowships: one for an artist and the other for a poet. Both fellowships provide a possibility to work and live in Italy for the period of three months. This is possible due to Fund's cooperation with American Academy in Rome and The University of Rome. Fellowships are made possible by the generocity of our sponsors - the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Poetry Fellowship Regulations
Joseph Brodsky Memorial Poetry Fellowship Regulations

The Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fund chooses a board of fifteen nominators, who are experts in contemporary Russian poetry. This board consists of editors, critics, scholars, directors of regional literary organizations, and other specialists. All of them are well versed in the field of Russian poetry as a whole and represent different aesthetic currents. The list of nominators is subject to approval by the Board of Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fund.

Joseph Brodsky Memorial Poetry Fellowship is awarded to two candidates a year. Fellows are offered a monthly stay (including travel and visa expenses) in host institutions in Italy: including the Villa Mirafiori in Rome, a stay at the Institute for Advanced Study in Bologna, and a reading tour of other Italian cities. Fellowships begin in April and October.

Twice a year each nominator confidentially proposes one candidate for a Fellowship.

Who can be nominated

Joseph Brodsky Memorial Poetry Fellowship has no limitations related to age, ethnicity, religion, gender or political affiliation. However all the candidates should write in Russian and be permanent residents of Russian Federation or other former parts of the USSR (excluding Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania) for at least five years. It is preferred, though not required, that candidates have published a book within five years of their nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Nominations should include the following documents:

1. A sample of creative writing by the nominee not exceeding 20 texts (5 in case of long narrative poems in excess of 7 double-spaced printed pages each).

2. A short biographical statement, written by the nominator, including important publicationsm books, and translations to other languages.

Jury procedure

The JBMFF Jury consists of three specialists in contemporary Russian poetry who are widely considered authorites in the field. Jurors serve terms of two years which are renewed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Jurors receive the nominations and rate every nominee from zero to ten. Jurors are informed which three nominations received the highest overall rating. Jurors select two fellows from among these three candidates by consensus. The final decision should be made no later than twenty working days following the delivery of the nominations to the jurors.

The final results of the jury process will be published with seven working days of the decision. Intermediate results of the jury process are confidential to the Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fund board of directors and jury.


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