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June 28, 2007

We are very pleased to announce new poetry and art fellowships for 2007 to be granted by the Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund. The new fellows will be the poet Nikolay Baytov and artist Dmitry Zakharov.

Nikolay Baytov was born in Moscow in 1951. He was graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering. He worked as a programmer, an engineer, and a cathedral guard. Baytov was an editor of one of the most important Moscow samizdat magazines, "Epsilon-salon". Though prolific as a poet and prose writer, Baytov first published his works only in 1989. He is the author of five poetry and short prose books; his works often appear in different Moscow literary periodicals. He lives in Moscow.

Vadim Zakharov was born in Dushanbe in 1959. He was graduated from the Moscow State Teacher Training Institute. He is an artist, an editor, an archivist of Moscow Conceptual art scene, and a collector. In 1978 he began participating in exhibitions of unofficial art and he has worked in collaboration with Igor Luts, Victor Skersis (SZ group), Sergey Anufriev and others. In 1982-1983 he was a participant in the AptArt Gallery. Since 1992 he has been the publisher of Pastor magazine and founder of Pastor Zond Edition. He lives and works in Cologne and in Moscow.

They will each serve a three-month fellowship in Rome during the fall of the year 2007. Mr. Baytov will be the guest of the American Academy in Rome, and Mr. Zakharov, of the University of Rome.

Mr. Baytov's fellowship is made possible by a generous gift from Mr. George Rohr, president of New Century Holdings company and founder of Rohr Family Foundation.

Mr. Zakharov's fellowship is made possible by a grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, an American foundation supporting cultural and environmental exchange between the United States, Russia, and Eastern and Central Europe.

Joseph Brodsky was a Nobel laureate in literature and a distinguished poet in his native Russia as well as his second home in the West. In the fall of 1995 he made an appeal to the mayor of Rome that a Russian Academy in Rome be established, to allow Russian artists, writers, and scholars periods of work and study in Italy. He urged that seventy years of isolation under communist rule had broken a much older tradition of cultural exchange between Russia and her European neighbors; he wished to revive this tradition with the creation of an independent academy devoted to literature, culture, and scholarship. As he wrote to the mayor, "Italy was a revelation to the Russians; now it can become the source of their renaissance."

When he died in 1996 his vision was taken up by a group of his friends, who set up foundations in the US and Italy to realize it.

The Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund is funded by private donation and independent foundations. We are most grateful to our donors for giving Mr. Brodsky's vision this continuing life.

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